Some Visitors for Thanksgiving

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Last weekend it was a little weird to be away from home because Thanksgiving was on Thursday! While I didn’t get to run in the road race this year, I think everything I’ve been able to do here balances that out a little – and I’ll be back for it next year for sure! On Thursday, two of my friends from Emmanuel came to Costa Rica, Alyssa and Imani.  Imani has a Costa Rican friend that she met when he was doing a study abroad in Cape Cod.  They’ve stayed in close contact. She has always wanted to come visit him, so it worked out perfectly that I’m in Costa Rica now too – double the reasons to visit 🙂

Alyssa, Imani, and Imani’s friend Anthony all got to meet my host family, see my school, and see where I’ve been living.  Then they joined my friends and me for a  “Thanksgiving dinner” at a nearby Italian restaurant.  It was nice having so many good friends to share the day with.  That night, all of us stayed in Heredia at Anthony’s house so that we could be up early and head to Playa Tamarindo in the morning.

Anthony’s family was so hospitable.  When we woke up, his mother had made us a typical Costa Rican breakfast, with gallo pinto, eggs, coffee, bread, and juice.  Then we were off to the beach! It was so nice not having to use public transportation for this weekend, because Anthony took us everywhere in his car.  We got a room in a hostel in Tamarindo for the night, then hung out at the beach until sunset.  My friends Lizz, Nick, and Braden also came to Tamarindo for the weekend, so we all went out to dinner together at a place called Witch’s Rock.

The next morning, we were off on another adventure.  We went to see Rio Celeste, which, according to the reliable source of Wikipedia, is  “notable for its distinctive turquoise coloration, a phenomenon caused by a chemical reaction between sulfur and calcium carbonate.” It was beautiful! We spent some time there, then went to  a place called Thermo Mania, which was a bunch of hot spring pools.  After a final dinner in Liberia, Costa Rica, we spent one more night at Anthony’s house.  On Sunday, we enjoyed another homemade tico breakfast, then had to bring Alyssa and Imani back to the airport! Sad to say goodbye, but I’m so grateful I had some visitors from home over Thanksgiving weekend!!

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  • So glad you had friends to share Thanksgiving with–sounds as if you all had a wonderful weekend!

    Love and prayers,

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