Adventures in the Jungle: Monteverde

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Haven’t had much time to update this – time is really flying! Here are some photos from Monteverde last weekend.  It was quite an eventful weekend! We arrived late on Friday evening, so we just had dinner at a soda called La Amistad, right next door to our hostel.  Our hostel was Camino Verde, and it was great! For only around $7 a night, we had a place to sleep and breakfast included, and the manager, Jose, helped us to plan all of our activities for the weekend.

On Saturday morning, we got up bright and early to go bungee jumping.  I wanted to bungee jump here because it is the highest in all of Latin America – 469 feet! Saturday was a day of adrenaline rushes, and later on in the day we took a canopy tour and went ziplining.  We did the Tarzan Swing as well – a 148 free fall!   After all this, I was happy to be on the ground for a while.

The next morning, we did the Bridge Walks.  There are a series of bridges built through the tree tops, and it was a really peaceful way to take in all of the beauty of Monteverde.  In the afternoon, we went in search of what are called “Strangler Trees.”  The strangler tree is like a parasite – it attaches to a host tree, and sends out many thin roots down the trunk of the host tree.  These roots take away the nutrients that the host tree needs, and eventually, the host tree dies, leaving a the strangler tree with a hollow inside.  We went on quite a long walk to find these trees, but it was definitely worth it.  I only climbed up a little bit inside of the tree. I had conquered my fear of heights enough the day before!

In the evening, we went on a night tour through the rainforest.  We saw sloths, opossums, porcupine (who live in trees here!), a giant ant colony, a giant walking stick, a tarantula (scary), a viper, and a kinkajou (an endangered member of the raccoon family).

Monday was a day off from school, so before we headed back to San Jose, we managed to fit in one more adventure.  We went on the Don Juan Coffee & Chocolate Tour.  Our guide took us all throughout the plantation, but my favorite part was sampling the different coffees and chocolates at the end, and even getting some pineapple covered in fresh chocolate.  It was quite a weekend – one of my favorite here in Costa Rica so far!!


Colin, Emily, & Tyler

"Find life experiences and swallow them whole. Travel. Meet many people. Go down some dead ends and explore dark alleys. Try everything. Exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of life." Lawrence K. Fish


  • Angel, you are much too adventurous!! Love the pictures but when I see you zip lining and bungee jumping, I get scared! Will continue to ask your Guardian Angel to keep a close watch on you!

    Love and lots of prayers,

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