Day 12: Finally got Olympic tickets!

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This morning when I was getting ready for class, the fire alarm in our building went off. It was just a drill, but the delay made me a little late in getting to the other campus.  This was meant to be, because I ran into Danny in the lobby, where he was buying tickets to the women’s basketball games on Friday night! He has been  checking the US website obsessively looking to see if any new tickets have been released, and these tickets appeared this morning.  It’s a double header – the first game is Great Britain vs. France, and the second game is the Czech Republic vs. the US.  I am so excited to go and get to see inside the Olympic Park!!

Class was a little shortened, because we were going to see Brixton Market.  Brixton market was full of fresh produce, meats, and an eclectic mix of different clothing and art products from various cultures.  We spent some time walking around, ate our lunches, and got some gelato.  We also saw the real Electric Avenue while we were there.

After spending some time in Brixton, Danny and I went to pick up our tickets for the game so that we are all set.  We stopped to get some groceries for dinner, and now we’re all back at school to get some homework done.

Colin, Emily, & Tyler

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  • So happy that you have those tickets! A real opportunity to check out the area inside the park!
    Looks like a great market place! Did you buy mich there?
    Love and prayers,

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