Day 6: From the Olympic Torch to the Ice Wharf

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Today was our earliest day yet! We met at 8 am to watch the Olympic torch relay.  There were less people than I expected to be there, so we managed to get a pretty good spot.  (Photo credit for the torch relay photos goes to Laura Bakst! I would like to pretend I took them, but I didn’t.)

We had class at 10:00, where we learned about more Olympic history.  We split into groups and had to research the opening ceremonies of different Olympic Games of the past.  My group watched clips from the 1984 Olympic Games.  After class, we had a bit of a break, then we met back up to go to the Museum of London.  Some highlights of the Museum – their Olympic display, photos commemorating the Queen’s Jubilee, a whole section about London before it was the city as we know it today, and more.

When we returned from the museum, it was almost time to go on the Camden Canal Boat Trip.  This trip was about an hour and a half, and we ended at the Camden Market, where we stayed for a while and had dinner.  The first restaurant we looked at said the stopped serving dinner at 8pm (weird), so we went on to one called the Ice Wharf.  I was glad we ended up at this one, because a veggie burger, fries (..chips), and a drink was only 5.60. We took the tube back, and now it is definitely time for some much-needed sleep! Opening Ceremony is tomorrow!


  • Sounds as if you had another wonderful day! Glad you are going to get some rest so that you and your group can continue to enjoy this unique experience! Love and prayers!

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